Jing Jing Luo Ink Brush Calligraphy Art Exhibition and Concert

On Friday, January 11 from 7 - 9pm, Art 2 You is delighted to present this international artist and composer for one night only at Beck Center for the Arts.

Jing Jing Luo is a self taught calligrapher and artist from Beijing who integrates visual and audio art through painting and music. Her unique Ink Brush Calligraphy Art Work uses mostly one stroke of ink or paint on her hand crafted parchment or Japanese Rice Paper.  This use of one stroke, or "Zen" stroke, is a centuries old technique in the Asian countries of Japan and China. Jing Jing brings a special Eastern Art Tradition to Beck Center for the Arts.

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You will also enjoy one of Jing Jing’s music compositions, "Cercle de la lune," relating to her art pieces. The concert will be performed by esteemed Oberlin faculty member and pianist Haewon Song and violinist Clara Shannon along with the Oberlin String Quartet.

Jing Jing has served on the faculty of Oberlin's Conservatory of Music as a composer, as well as teaching art at a number of institutions. Paul Sykes, International Art Curator for Beck Center for the Arts, is returning with this second in a series of Asian art exhibits featuring Jing Jing. Please RSVP here.