About ART 2 YOU

Our 28 Years of art gallery experience allows us to provide our customers with thousands of options for every budget.

ART 2 YOU is a brand new concept in selling art. After 25 years in the art gallery business, we learned that people needed to see the artwork on their walls before they could even think about making a purchase.

ART 2 YOU has developed a very nice system of bringing the artwork right to your home or business. Like a gallery, we have a huge selection of high-end and decorative artwork. Unlike a gallery, we do not have all the overhead! You get service, selection and the very best price... and we even hang the artwork for you!

Just take a look at some of the artwork we have in our inventory. Then contact us and we'll bring your selections directly to your home or business. We cam promise you one thing — that you will JUST HAVE FUN!

Bring the art gallery directly to your home — contact us today!

Paul Sykes - International Art Dealer and Founder

After 28 years as an international art dealer, Paul Sykes found a need for his customers to actually see the art in their homes or businesses before purchasing. His many customers loved his extensive artwork collection, but wanted to see the artwork on their walls before they could even think about making a purchase. Thus, Travel Art Gallery was born. Since (how long has Travel Art been open?), Sykes has been meeting with customers in their homes, and bringing a wide variety of beautiful high-end pieces directly to their doors. He will hang the pieces in any space you desire, ensuring you can actually see the art in your space before making the decision to buy. 

A renowned dealer in the art industry, Sykes has the knowledge and contacts to find any piece of artwork you are looking for, whether it be modern, classic or surrealist. His experience gives him the ability to find the best piece for you, including genre, size, style and price. The perfect art consultant, you will never have to attend another gallery event wondering ‘how will this look in my home’? Let us do all of the work for you, and call us today.